Raccoon.World team has been long working on a final version of Raccoon.Clip together with professional industrial design bureau. We’ve tried dozens of variants and have finally come across the perfect shape that fully meets your requirements of ergonomics, style, and usability. Meet Raccoon.Clip 2.0!

All the changes were created together with professional industrial design bureau and with our main experts – real gamers from all over the world, who tested different shapes and gave us valuable feedback. See the detailed information on changes that were done:

Concave Surface

Thanks to the unique concave surface, you always push on the buttons and move the joystick with the thumb pad. No more calluses and thumb bending – all the controls are exactly where they have to be!

Placement on the hand

Now the controller is placed on the palm at a 45° angle – and you hold it like a pistol! A convenient and confident grip minimizes the time for getting used to a new device.

Additional buttons  included with the body

We built the controller in such a way that the additional buttons do not protrude above the controller’s body to exclude accidental pressing. Do not worry about your ring finger or little finger hitting the additional buttons while playing – and enjoy ultimate comfort! The same was done to the START and BACK buttons.

A protrusion on the holder

Raccoon.Clip has to be fixed on the hand, and at the same time do not interfere during the game process! Therefore, we added a soft protrusion on the holder, so that the hand does not slip while sweating, and at the same time, the device is properly fastened.

Shagreen as the new material of the body

We decided to use shagreened plastic for the elements that are not subject to erasure due to constant contact with the skin. It provides the controller a truly premium appearance. Raccoon.Clip will become a decoration of your gamer room!

Every detail of the new Raccoon.Clip is designed to meet the demands of competitive gamers. It adapts to your hand size and play style with configurations that can improve accuracy, speed, and performance.

To pre-order the controller please follow the link


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