We have already written about the possibility to remap all the controls on Raccoon.Clip. But what exactly the controller’s user can customize and how it will be done? Take 3 minutes to read an article!

With an Android/iOS application for your smartphone, you will be able to remap all the controls on your Raccoon.Clip – at any time!

Remap what you want

You can literally remap anything on your Raccoon.Clip! Be free to customize your controller as you like. We do not mind even if you want to shoot with a bumper or to move forward by pushing back button.

Alex Chernegov, the tech engineer

My hands are of a very unusual shape: I usually find it difficult to reach some buttons, while others, on the contrary, are too close. With the Raccoon.Clip, I just swap the controls and play without pain in my hands as much as I want!


Additional buttons

Raccoon.Clip has two additional buttons on the grips that give your fingers more control. With the app, you can assign any control you want to each button.

Alex Radovichenko, COO

With these additional buttons, I get much more control! Now I don’t have to take my thumbs off the thumbstick to execute an intricate jump, aim, and shoot combinations.


Motion controls instead of buttons or combos

It is very important! 9 motion controls in Raccoon.Clip can be used not only in games that were created with motion controls, but in any game – instead of regular buttons or even combos. If it is not convenient for you to recharge your gun by pushing a button, you can just remap the function, for example, on the left bend of your hand.

Anna Bezrodna, CMO

I do not like to get calluses when pushing tons of buttons to execute combo in Mortal Kombat, you can do this by casually waving your hands to the right.


Motion controls instead of joysticks

You can use the gyro motions to control the camera and aim, instead of the right thumbstick, or move your avatar, instead of left thumbstick.

Vitaliy Tolkachov, CTO

The accuracy is far better for shooting while being more comfortable and natural for me. I enjoy playing many more shooters with this ability.



Create as many controller profiles as you like in the Raccoon.Clip application. Make an individual profile for each member of your family, create specific profiles for every game or try different modes for your favorite one.

Svitlana Malovana, CEO

I play Injustice using many throws, so I’ve assigned the throw to X (it’s easier to reach) and light attack on the bumper. And when I play Sonic with its little quantity of commands, I reassign the left stick (run) to the right one and play with one controller.


Do you like the functions of our application? Share your opinion in our secret group for future backers Raccoon.World Experts!

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